How to print thermal DPD test labels using a Citizen CLP-521 printer

If you're having issues printing your DPD test labels using Zenstores, then please see below for the optimum printer settings.

Browsers tested

  • Chrome Windows
  • Firefox Windows


  • Citizen CLP-521

Step 1 (label setup)

1. First of all, create a new default label stock for your printer. Click new in the Stock drop-down options.

help DPD 1

2. Then set your label dimensions to be the same as below.

  • Width : 4.17in : 106 mm 
  • Height: 4.02in : 102 mm
  • Left Margin: 0.05in : 1.27 mm
  • Right Margin: 0.05in : 1.27 mm

help DPD 2

Step 2 (Printing your labels)

From your browser's standard print dialogue select your previously defined paper size, make sure that "Fit to page" is turned on and then click the print button. 

help DPD 3

Please note the above image is for Chrome's print dialogue

Step 3 ( Validation )

You now need to double check everything as DPD are very strict on their label validation.

  • The barcode needs to be a minimum of 91.5mm wide by 25mm high
  • The space between the label edge and barcode must be at least 5mm

DPD are very strict on barcode measurements so it’s important that you check the printed labels with a ruler before sending off for approval.

Label measurement requirements:


Created on Jan. 31, 2017

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