How to setup and connect DPD

Connecting your DPD account to your Zenstores Dispatch account is a simple process, for a full guide on how to do this please see below.


Before you start shipping your orders with DPD you need to request and print test labels that must be sent to DPD and approved. 

This process is mandatory before you start dispatching orders with DPD and if it is not followed, this may cause a number of issues to your business including:

  • Orders being refused by the DPD network but still charged
  • Orders going missing and not received by your customers
  • Worst case scenario, your DPD account being suspended or cancelled

Summary of the DPD setup process

Step by step setup process

Before you can start using your DPD account with Zenstores you will first of all have to create test labels for DPD to approve.

Requesting test labels:

1. First of all hover over settings and click shipping

help how to connect DPD 1

2. Then click Add a new courier and select DPD from the dropdown list.

help how to connect DPD 2

3. Next click the Print Test Labels button. 

Do not at this time click the Skip this step button, you will come back to this later.

help how to connect DPD 3

4. Next, you will need to input all your MyDPD account information. 

  • Username (Your myDPD username)
  • Password (Your myDPD password)
  • Account number (Your DPD account number)
  • Email (that you'd like your test labels sent to)
  • What kind of printer you will be using (Thermal labels or A4)

Please note: If you don’t have a MyDPD account, you’ll need to get in touch with DPD  to request one.

help how to connect DPD 4

5. Then using the checkbox's select all the services that you have access to in your DPD account and click Request test labels.

Please note: Don't' select services that you don't have access to as this will cause errors and slow down your integration

help how to connect DPD 5

6. Your test labels will then be emailed to you along with full instructions on how to print them and how to get your test labels sent to DPD's approval team.

Once you have sent off your test labels the next thing to do is wait for an email from DPD's customer service team approving them.

Activating your live MyDPD account:

1. Once you have received a reply from DPD's approval team approving your test labels navigate to back to the DPD connection page (stage 3 of the previous tutorial). 

This time you can click the Skip this step button.

help how to connect DPD 6

2. Then you just need to input your MyDPD credentials.

  • Username (your MyDPD username)
  • Password (your MyDPD password)
  • Account number (your DPD account number)

help how to connect DPD 7


How to print the test labels

  • When printing test labels, please set the scaling on your printer to 100%. Also, set the printer label type/paper size to 102 x 102 mm with no margin.

What services should you select

  • Please ensure you only select services which you have access to through your MyDPD account

How long should it take?

  • It usually takes between five and seven days for test labels to be approved once received by DPD’s Technical Support team. However, it can occasionally take longer.

Requesting test labels

  • When requesting test labels please ensure you only select services which you have access to through your MyDPD account

Created on Jan. 25, 2017

Category: Shipping Integrations