How VAT works for your Zenstores subscription

Zenstores is a VAT-registered company. As a result of this, all our subscription payments are subject to an additional 20% VAT charge. If you are unsure about what VAT is and how it might affect you please check out our handy article: A guide to VAT registration for your online business

What if my company is in the European Union but not in the UK?

If you are based in the European Union but not in the UK, then you will have to pay your local VAT rates. For more info on what your local VAT rates are please see this website: VAT Live website

What if my company is not in the EU or the UK?

If your company is based outside of the European Union then there's no need to worry about this as you will not be charged VAT on your subscriptions.

Zenstores VAT information

  • VAT number - 250083439.

Created on Jan. 4, 2017

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