Orders marked as dispatched outside of Zenstores

Sometimes you may need to mark your orders as dispatched outside of Zenstores, if you do need to do this for whatever reason we suggest that you also manually change the status of the order in your Zenstores account to avoid any potential confusion.

Here's how to manual mark an order as shipped in Zenstores.

Step by step guide

1. Firstly, select the order you want to mark as shipped using the checkbox on the left-hand side, then click More, followed by Change status in the drop-down.

help how to cancel an order 1

2. On the following overlay, in the "Change Order Status to" drop down select the Shipped option, and then click the Save button.

help change status shipped 1

The order will now be removed from the New and In Progress lists and placed in the Dispatched list so it is not confused with other orders.

Created on Feb. 9, 2017

Category: Order Management