Royal Mail auto manifesting

Please be aware you are required to Manifest at least once per day Mon-Fri (excluding English / Welsh public holidays).

This means:

If you manifest at least once per/day (Mon-Fri): No auto manifest will occur.

If you do not manifest every day (Mon-Fri):  
If you haven't manifested at all by 11 PM, Shipments booked that day will be automatically manifested.

Please note: An automatic manifest will only happen if you haven't created a manifest at all that day.

Therefore if you create one manifest and continue booking shipments, these Shipments will not be automatically manifested until the next day.

What this means:

All shipments created in Zenstores will be synced with your Royal Mail OBA.

Manifesting does not update your sales channels in any way.

Changing the collection date

If a shipment isn't going to be sent on the day you are booking it, you will need to specify the day this shipment will be sent.

You can do this by changing the 'Collection date' when booking a shipment.

Setting the 'Collection date' to a future date will remove it from that day's Manifest and add it to the Manifest on the date you have specified.

Why does this happen? 

If Royal Mail shipments are not correctly sent to your Royal Mail OBA this causes:

  • Invalid tracking for tracked shipments

  • Your Royal Mail bill to be incorrect

Can I stop this happening? 

No. However, if there are shipments that you don’t want to be sent to your Royal Mail OBA yet, we recommend cancelling the shipment before an auto manifest occurs.

For help on how to cancel a Royal Mail shipment please see this help guide: How to cancel a Royal Mail shipment

Created on Dec. 20, 2021