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Zenstores adds support for Etsy shops

Etsy adds support for Zenstores

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Over the last few months we’ve been inundated with requests from Etsy sellers who want to use Zenstores. We also know there are many current Zenstores users who use Etsy alongside platforms like Shopify and eBay or Amazon marketplaces and want to manage all their different orders from one place. 

With that in mind we’re delighted to announce that we have now added full support for sellers with Etsy shops. If you're new to the Zenstores platform check out for more information

Using Zenstores sellers can now book shipments, print labels and dispatch orders from any combination of the following supported ecommerce platforms: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Shopify.

Paul Snook of Apple Crates UK uses Zenstores to manage and dispatch orders from Etsy and his other shops:

“I sell my handmade crates on Etsy and as my sales increased keeping track of all those orders and where they needed to go became a nightmare. Zenstores has all my orders in one place and I can automatically print labels for Royal Mail and other couriers without any copy and pasting. It’s saved me at least an hour every day.”

If you're an existing Zenstores user, for instructions on how to connect your Etsy shop to Zenstores, check out this guide.

Etsy is our first new integration of the year but it’s certainly not the last. Next up will be another hugely popular ecommerce platform — WooCommerce — in the next couple of months and OpenCart, BigCommerce and others will all follow soon after.

On the courier front the next integration will be ParcelForce, with DPD, DHL, USPS and others hot on its heels.

We prioritise our integrations according to demand from our users, so if there’s a particular platform, marketplace or courier that you want to be supported by Zenstores please let us know. Your input will shape our decisions.

Let us know what you want by emailing us with your requests.

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