A guide to DPD services

A guide to DPD services

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DPD is one of the UK’s most popular couriers, providing a range of services and easy-to-track delivery options. As DPD joins the growing selection of carriers available to your business via Zenstores Swift, we take a look at the different services on offer.

DPD Domestic Services

DPD’s main UK services are:

  • DPD Two Day - delivery within two working days
  • DPD Next Day - delivery by the end of the next working day
  • DPD 10:30 - delivery by 10:30am the next working day
  • DPD 12 - delivery by midday the next working day

They also offer delivery services for Saturday and Sunday:

  • DPD Saturday
  • DPD Saturday 10:30
  • DPD Saturday 12
  • DPD Sunday
  • DPD Sunday 10:30
  • DPD Sunday 12

Businesses shipping from Zenstores can buy, book & print labels for DPD domestic services from within the Zenstores app. Click here to get started with discounted rates and everything you need to power your shipping.

Weight and size restrictions

All of DPD’s UK services have four size categories:

  • Expresspak: upto 5kg
  • Parcel: 1 - 30kg
  • Freight parcels: 31 - 99kg
  • Pallet: 100 - 999kg

DPD International services

DPD Classic

A road based service for deliveries to most European countries that offers individual parcel tracking, proof of delivery and Predict notifications for recipients.

Included destinations: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (inc. Monaco), Germany, Greece (inc. islands), Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
Weight and size restrictions: 31.5kg, 175 cm length and 300 cm girth. 
(International girth = 1 x length (cm) + 2 x height (cm) + 2 x width (cm))
Available through Zenstores: Yes

Air Classic

Extending DPD Classic to offer delivery to 230 countries, fully tracked and Predict notifications for recipients.

Weight and size restrictions: 31.5kg, 175 cm length and 300 cm girth.
Available through Zenstores: Yes

DPD Air Express

A quicker international delivery service to 230 countries, fully tracked.

Weight and size restrictions: 31.5kg, 175 cm length and 300 cm girth.
Available through Zenstores: Yes

DPD Direct

DPD Direct is an international delivery service that works in partnership with local delivery companies in the final destination country. You will be able to track your parcels online and receive confirmation of delivery, and customers will receive an email notification advising them of their parcel’s delivery date.

Destinations: Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Rep. of Ireland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UAE, USA.
Available through Zenstores: Yes

Find out more about DPD Direct here.

DPD Local (Interlink Express)

DPD Local offers the same DPD services, but it’s designed for smaller volumes and is charged on a pay as you go basis.  

Available through Zenstores: Yes

DPD Predict

DPD Predict is a service that provides recipients with notifications about the progress of their parcel, and the option to rearrange delivery.

The customer will receive a text or email from DPD once the item has been dispatched, confirming the delivery date with an option to rearrange. The customer will then receive another message on the day of delivery with a one hour delivery window, and another chance to rearrange. Recipients can also follow the parcel on a live map and see a final 15 minute delivery slot. This gives your customers more visibility about where their delivery is, making it more convenient for them and also reducing the number of delivery-related queries.

DPD Predict is available with all of DPD’s UK delivery services and will work with any UK DPD service used through Zenstores.

Available through Zenstores: Yes

Find out more about DPD Predict here. 

Zenstores and DPD integration

Zenstores’ integration with DPD includes all DPD and DPD Local domestic services including:

  • DPD Two Day, DPD Next Day, DPD 12, DPD 10:30
  • DPD Saturday, DPD Saturday 12, DPD Saturday 10:30, DPD Sunday, DPD Sunday 12, DPD Sunday 10:30.

As well as these international DPD services:

  • DPD Direct
  • DPD Classic (by road)
  • DPD Air Classic
  • DPD Air Express

DPD Predict is available with all UK services through Zenstores. 

For more information on the domestic DPD services & discounts available to your business, as well as exclusive rates and access to a selection of popular carriers - Click here.

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