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Here at Zenstores we are obsessed with finding new ways to make shipping faster, easier and more manageable — it’s exactly how shipping should be! 

Zenstores Swift allows you to access leading carrier services, discounted rates and everything you need to power your shipping.

Giving your customers more options at the checkout is vital

According to Delivering Consumer Choice: State of eCommerce Delivery, 66% of shoppers have bought goods from one retailer over another because they preferred the delivery services available to them at the checkout. 

Did you also know that over 50% of shoppers said they fail to even checkout due to a lack of options?

Whether your customer is tracking a package or surprised by a speedy next day delivery, curating a positive delivery experience is vital and it holds so much influence over a customer's experience with your brand. 

Zenstores Swift allows you to offer these added courier options. No more shipping hurdles and less check-out hesitation, it’s all about getting your great products in the hands of your customers.

Your shipping experience matters too

That feeling of seeing new orders ringing through the virtual till is amazing, but once your customer has checked out, getting their order out of the door and into their hands can be a painstaking process. That’s until you start shipping from Zenstores

Simply connect up where your business sells, select the carriers you would like to ship with, and start booking shipments and printing shipping labels. Then when the label is printed and the order is packed, with one click you can mark an order as dispatched and notify your customer that their order is on its way. 

Zenstores Swift takes this experience even further by offering you exclusive shipping rates with leading couriers, all this with the added bonus of bringing your shipping and billing all into one place!

Growing businesses are so important to us

We believe in growing businesses and understand the importance of having access to services and tools that make shipping even easier. There is no better way for us to champion them than by offering tailored solutions at exclusive rates to help your business soar.

Take this quick quiz to find out more about how Zenstores Swift can elevate your shipping today:

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