A guide to Meta Advantage+ for Ecommerce Businesses

Meta Advantage+

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Want to harness the power of AI for your UK eCommerce business? Meta Advantage+ is here to do the hard work for you. Let’s explore how you can power up your ecommerce performance and sell more online with Meta Advantage+.

What is Meta Advantage+? 

Meta Advantage+ lets you leverage high-performance AI tools to simplify and automate your ad campaigns.

  • Advantage+ Placement is an incredible tool for optimising ad placements to get the best from your budget. 

  • Advantage+ Creative helps you create multiple ads targeted at individuals.

  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns fully automates ad creation and identifies your best-performing campaigns. 

  • Advantage+ App Campaigns offers split testing capabilities and greater flexibility and insights.

How Advantage+ can save you time and bring better results than manually testing advert audiences

Meta Advantage+ is all about automating, streamlining and simplifying your campaigns. So you can focus on selling more online and making the most of your marketing budget.

The initial set-up takes minutes, and you can let Advantage+’s AI take care of targeting and optimising for great results.

With the power of automation, even small UK eCommerce businesses can create experiences by connecting users to the products they want without manual testing. And that's a win-win for your business with impressive conversion rates.

How Meta’s Advantage+ works — and how to get started 

Do you want to avoid splitting your ads across the sales funnel? Meta Advantage+ lets you consolidate your campaigns across the entire customer journey.

Machine learning lets Advantage+ generate multiple ads that resonate with your customers, then approaches the market for impressive results.

But if you want to kickstart your Advantage+ experience, you need these five handy tips;

  1. 20 to 50 creatives is the magic number to fire up your campaign and allow Advantage+ to test and refine your campaign.

  2. Advantage+ is hungry, so the more data you can feed it, the better.

  3. Human input is still critical, and you can make a big difference by managing your budget and allocations effectively. Use the budget cap to generate as many user signals as possible.

  4. Add existing customers under ‘reporting’ so you can track user-level performance and optimise profitability.

  5. Always be testing, so run your Advantage+ and standard campaigns together for a month to generate the insights you need for a winning result. 

Is Advantage+ a good option for my eCommerce business? 

With eCommerce businesses reporting a 32% rise in ROAS using Advantage+, can you afford to miss out?

You might have concerns about handing over control, so you'll need to monitor relevancy and checkout conversion. But Facebook Meta takes care of the heavy lifting of targeting and optimising your campaigns for fantastic results. 

Are you interested in getting more out of your UK ecommerce store? Head to your Meta Ads Manager to get started.

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