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Integrated labels

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What is an integrated label?

An integrated label is a sticky label that is included in an A4 sheet. They are usually used to print invoices or packing lists and a shipping label on the same sheet.

An integrated label can include more than one sticky label - often a shipping label that is used by the sender and a returns label for the recipient to use if they wish to send something back.

Integrated label diagram shipping A4

What are the benefits of an integrated label?

Save money - you don't need a label printer

Integrated labels use a single sheet of A4 for the invoice as well as the sticky shipping label so it means you can use your regular home printer rather than buying another label printer. It also saves you time as you don’t have to switch between printing on regular and adhesive paper.

Stay organised - keep the shipping labels and documents together

Because the invoice or packing slip are on the same sheet as the shipping label not only do you save time matching invoices with labels, they can also be kept together until you peel off the label and put the sheet inside the parcel - therefore there is less room for errors in sending the wrong parcel to the wrong address.

Convenient - include a returns label

If you include a returns label as part of your integrated label it also makes it a lot simpler for a customer to send their items back.

How to print integrated labels from the eBay website

Once you've logged into your eBay account, go to Selling Manager and select 'sold'.

Select the orders that you want to print by ticking the box next to each one, then click on 'despatch action' and choose 'Print postage labels or invoices'.

Click on 'Invoice/packing slip', and then 'continue'.

Integrated label ebay

You can then select the right printer and click 'print'. The invoice will print out with the customer's address on the integrated label.

How to print integrated labels for eBay and Amazon orders from Zenstores

If you want to save time then you can easily print integrated labels for all of your eBay, Amazon and web shop orders in one place using Zenstores.

It's also flexible enough to work with your current shipping method, and supports the following types of labels:

  • Plain address labels
  • Royal Mail 2D Barcoded
  • myHermes
  • Yodel
  • APC

Zenstores supports several types of labels, such as;

  • Giraffe LZ04 from Labels Zoo
  • A4 Integrated Label 110 x 76mm Integrated Label Style B
  • A4 Integrated Label S11
  • A4 Integrated Label 110 x 60mm eBay selling manager pro

Where can I buy integrated labels?

If you’re looking for more information on where to buy cheap integrated labels read this blog post by Andrew Minalto.

There is also a good selection of integrated labels available from Labels Zoo.

Click here to find out how Zenstores can help your ecommerce business succeed.

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