Zenstores: Getting started with Royal Mail

Thank you for connecting your Royal Mail account with Zenstores! Before you start dispatching orders, please read through the following key information.

At the bottom of this page, we have also linked to a brief guide explaining how to print Royal Mail shipping labels in Zenstores. 

Royal Mail shipments created in Zenstores must be manifested every day

This is a mandatory process that must be completed and failure to do so may result in: 

  • Shipments not being updated in your Royal Mail account
  • Incorrect and/or unexpected charges from Royal Mail
  • Tracked post not being scanned correctly
  • Shipments not being properly booked out and consequently not delivered

All you need to do is click on the “Manifest” link at the top of the Zenstores dashboard.

Button example:   


Then just set your manifest date and time and click the “Create manifest…” button

Button example:   Royal Mail manifest button

Finally, print off your daily summary to hand to your Royal Mail delivery driver.

Please remember: if for any reason you should need to cancel any shipments, do this before manifesting in Zenstores as otherwise, you will need to login to your Royal Mail account.

For more details on how to manifest Royal Mail shipments in Zenstores please visit this guide

Hiding and favoriting Royal Mail services in Zenstores

You can adjust the visible services by hovering over ‘Settings’ in your Zenstores dashboard, select ‘Shipping’ then navigate to the “Your Couriers” section. Click ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Royal Mail’ integration.  

You will then be directed to the shipping settings page for Royal Mail, from here simply favourite your most used services and hide your unused services by checking or unchecking the box next to each service.


More information on how to do this is available in this guide: How to manage your favourite Royal Mail services

Ensuring your printer settings are correct

We recommend following the recommended printer settings to ensure that your labels are correctly scanned. This information is available here: How to configure the Zebra GK420D printer for printing Royal Mail's 2D barcode labels

Before printing ‘live’ shipments, please print this test label and check:

  • The 2D Barcode is crisp and clear
  • The Royal Mail cruciform (logo) is clear
  • The address is clear and easily readable

If after printing the test labels you do not think one or more of these essential elements meets standards, please visit the printer settings guide or get in touch at support@zenstores.com and we will be happy to help.


Royal Mail have provided a list of frequently asked questions about their services and the integration with Zenstores. We strongly recommend reading through this:


Guide to printing Royal Mail shipping labels in Zenstores

Guide to printing shipping labels

Created on Sept. 1, 2017