How to create a manual order

In this video were going to covering how to create a manual (or phone order) in Zenstores.

Scroll further down if you prefer a step by step guide.

Step by step guide:

1. First of all click Create Order

help create manual order 1

2. This will bring up the create manual order input box. First of all fill in your customers details(name, address, order ID, order date etc..)

help create manual order 2

3. Once you've input all the customer details its time to add some line items (or products in the order). First of all scroll down till you see the Order line item's title. Then fill in the SKU (use whatever your products SKU is) of the first item, then give you line item a Description, a Quantity and and finally a Unit Price. If your order only has one item then you can stop here, but if you have multiple items in your order simply click Add another line item and repeat the previous process.

help create manual order 3

4. Once you finished adding all your line items, you can set how much the customer paid for shipping in the Shipping Paid input field. Then when you happy everything is finished just click Create Order.

help create manual order 4

And there you have it a manual order added to your new orders list.

help create manual order 5

Created on March 2, 2016

Category: Order Management