How to print blank address labels for Avery sheets

If you use Avery Sheets to print your address labels you can sometimes end up with used labels at the beginning of a sheet, which can lead to wasted sheets. Luckily in Zenstores we have the Number of blank labels feature, which allows you to only print on the unused labels, watch our handy video guide below to learn how.

Step by step guide:

1. First of all lets say you use the Avery A4 sheet with 8 labels and you have a sheet with 1 label used at the begging. The first thing to do now is select a few orders using the checkboxes on the left hand side, then click Create Shipments.

help blank avery labels 1 

2. From the courier options select Address Label

help blank avery labels 2

3. Then select your appropriate label from the Label Format drop down, for this example I'm using Avery 3427 A4 Sheet 8 Labels - 105 x 74mm

help blank avery labels 3

4.Then fill in your Number of blank labels, for this example as we only have one missing I will set this to 1. You can then click Create Shipments.

help blank avery labels 4

5. Once your labels load, just click Print Labels

help blank avery labels 5

6. And there you have it your labels ready to print with the first one missing.

help blank avery labels 6

Created on April 27, 2016

Category: Printing