How to ship with WooCommerce and APC Overnight in Zenstores

Zenstores is a piece of software that connects your order data with your APC Overnight account, allowing you to quickly and simply book APC Overnight shipments on your customers orders in bulk.

To start booking APC Overnight shipments on your WooCommerce orders, you will first need to connect your WooCommerce store with your Zenstores account. So that you can quickly and easily access your orders.

How to connect WooCommerce

To connect WooCommerce to Zenstores, you will need to generate a new API Key from within your WooCommerce settings and input that into the connect WooCommerce setting page in your Zenstores account.

For an in depth guide on how to connect WooCommerce to Zenstores, see our help guide here: How to connect WooCommerce and Zenstores

How to connect APC Overnight to Zenstores

Now that your orders are importing into Zenstores you can connect your APC Overnight account to start generating labels and booking shipments.

You'll just need your APC Overnight Account ID, Username and Password to get your APC account connected to Zenstores.

Just head to the "connect a carrier" page in your Zenstores account, click "Add carrier" select APC Overnight and input the above details.

For an in depth guide on how to connect your APC Overnight connect to your Zenstores account, see our help guide here: How to connect your APC New Horizons account to Zenstores

Now that you have WooCommerce and APC Overnight connected to your Zenstores account, you can start creating APC Overnight shipments on your WooCommerce orders.

Here's a link to our help guide on how to book shipments with APC Overnight in Zenstores: How to book shipments on your orders with APC in Zenstores

Created on Aug. 24, 2023

Category: Shipping Integrations