How to connect your Parcel2Go account

In this guide, we're going to cover how to connect your Parcel2Go account to your Zenstores account.

Please note: you will need to have a Parcel2Go PrePay account with credit on it to use Parcel2Go with your Zenstores account.

For help and advice on getting a Parcel2Go PrePay account please visit the Parcel2Go PrePay account sign up page

1. First of all hover over Settings and click Shipping.

help connect P2G account 1

2. Then click Add a new courier and from the dropdown select Parcel2Go 

help connect P2G account 2

3. Then click Connect your account this will load up the login screen for you Parcel2Go account.

 help connect P2G account 3

4. From here you can just input your Email Address and Password and then click Login

help connect P2G account 4

5. Next, all you need to do is allow permissions for Zenstores to access your Parcel2Go account, you can do this by clicking Yes, Allow.

help connect P2G account 5

Please note: If you unselect any of these checkboxes or click No, Do Not Allow, then your Parcel2Go integration won't work.

6. After you have clicked the Yes, Allow, Parcel2Go will just take a couple of seconds to finish the integration, once this process has completed you will redirected back to Zenstores and you will see the below message.

help connect P2G account 6

And there you have it your Parcel2go account has now been connected to your Zenstores account if you need a hand with the creating shipments for orders please see our other guide - How to create shipments with Parcel2Go.

Created on Feb. 22, 2017

Category: Shipping Integrations