How to manage refunded orders in Zenstores

When you perform a refund on your sales channel (eBay, Amazon, etc.) Zenstores will not update automatically. Luckily we have a simple way to manage this called closing an order. Please see below for  step by step guide.

Closing a channel order (Amazon, eBay, etc.)

If you delete an order that has come through one of your sales channels (Amazon, eBay) it may get re added to your Zenstores account at a later date, which can cause confusion. To avoid this with channel orders instead of deleting them we close them, the process is explained below.

1. First of all select your order (or orders) using the check boxes on the left hand side

help delete channel order 1

2. Once you have your order selected click the More  button and from the drop down select Change status

help delete channel order 2

3. Then click on the little down arrow in the Change order status to  drop down box and select Close  from the options

help delete channel order 3

4. If your sure you want to close your order you can then click Save.

(Don't worry your order won't deleted and it can have its status changed back at any time)

help delete channel order 4

5. This will close your order and stop it being re added to your New  orders list. It will also be moved to your All  list and can be found here at any time, either through filtering or searching.

And there you have it, your refunded order will no longer get added to your new order list.

Created on Oct. 28, 2016

Category: Order Management