How Royal Mail Online Delivery Confirmation works

Delivery confirmation means that Large Letter or larger services sent using Royal Mail 2D barcode labels will be scanned at the point of delivery. 

Senders will then be able to confirm whether their parcel has been delivered or had a failed delivery online, using Royal Mail's Track and Trace website.

The delivery confirmation feature works with the below services:

Small parcel services or larger (doesn't include large letters):

  • 1st Class STL 
  • 2nd Class STL 

Large Letter services or larger:

  • 24 hour CRL
  • 48 hour CRL

What are the differences between a tracked service and an onlne Delivery Confirmation service?

Tracked services

For items sent using a tracked service, such as Royal Mail Special Delivery Guarantee, Royal Mail Tracked 24 and 48, you can track their progress online throughout the delivery process. You’re able to see where the parcel currently is, when it’s expected to be delivered, and you’ll receive delivery confirmation, usually with a signature from the recipient. 

Online Delivery Confirmation services

With the delivery confirmation that Royal Mail is offering for barcoded shipments, you won’t be able to see where the large letter or parcel is by tracking it online, but the barcode will be scanned when it’s delivered so that you can confirm delivery, and there's no extra cost.

Are there any extra charges?

No, Online Delivery Confirmation is free on supported services. If in doubt, we recommend checking in with your Royal Mail account manager.

Created on April 12, 2019

Category: Shipping Integrations