How to find your OBA credentials for your Royal Mail integration request

In this guide we'll provide more detail on the different credentials needed to make a Royal Mail request.

OBA account number

This is the account number of your Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA).
If you are unsure on how to find this check out our help guide here: How to find your Royal Mail OBA account number

OBA company name

This is the name of the company that you have associated with your Royal Mail OBA account.

OBA email address

This is the email address you use to log into your Royal Mail OBA

Posting location company ID and address

Each OBA account has at least one posting location. This is likely either the address of your business or the location your parcels are picked up from. 

There is also a  unique company ID that relates to the posting location (or collection address) in your OBA.

If you need help finding either of these then check out our help guide here: How to find your OBA posting location number and collection postcode

Please note: Make sure to include your postcode when filling in this section of the Royal Mail integration request form.

Further help

If the above doesn't answer any of your question, or you just aren't quite sure about anything then please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Created on Dec. 20, 2021